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Welcome to Zombie America a place were like minded folks can come together and shoot the shit about current world events with a humorous slant. Humor is good medicine, and good medicine helps us deal with current events.

There is nothing funny about the way people just do not get how lucky they are to be American. The fact that they do not even realize how much freedom they take for granted. If you hate America please move some where else and give your spot to a deserving hard working Immigrant who wants more than anything to be an American.

In America you have freedoms so many others in the world do not! That is for real. Thank a Veteran today for the sacrifice, and service spent protecting those freedoms.

So, get involved everybody!  Post your fave memes, post about what is going on in your town, state, your America!

Rules- Support your President
No Trump hate
Be a Proud American
No disprescting the Flag
Be Patriotic



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  di·a·logue ˈdīəˌläɡ,ˈdīəˌlôɡ/ 1. *verb* NORTH AMERICAN 1. *1*. take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem. “he stated that he wasn’t going to *dialogue with* the guerrillas”

do·mes·tic ter·ror·ism

do·mes·tic ter·ror·ism *noun* NORTH AMERICAN 1. the committing of terrorist acts in the perpetrator’s own country against their fellow citizens. “domestic terrorism plagued the country during a time of high political tensions”